Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

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As one of the fastest growing and innovative manufacturers of various packaging products, we excel in both, originality and excellence to export Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine. Used for packing of various end products in powder, granules, liquids & semi liquid form, these machines find application in pharmaceutical and food & beverage and powder industries. Our offered Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine has an automatic pouch length change system.  


  • Consistency in bulk density
  • Safe and secure
  • Equipped with Temperature Controller

Further Details

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine is a regular motion machine designed for the efficient packing of the various products like Tea, Sugar, Spices, Rice, Snacks Foods, Wafers, Detergent, Henna Powder, Salt, Wrapper Candies, Cheese Biscuits etc. in center seal pouches.The unwinding machine is a motorized one, which keeps feeding on the laminate to the pouch forming tube without enough pulling tension to enable the machine to form wrinkle free pouch formation.The machine needs three phase 440 Volts AC Power supply at 50 Hertz with a max. power consumption of 14 KW.

This machine can be synchronized with different types of dozing systems like Volumetric cup Filling. This machine is widely suitable for a wide range of heat sealable film as packing material such as PET/POLY, PET/MET/POLY, It is a good quality versatile machine and the pouch width can be changed very easily by replacing the forming tube and Collar. Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine has an automatic pouch length change system thru PLC and can be adjusted from 85mm to 350mm. Changing of the pouch length does not require any change parts. All product contact parts are made up of food grade stainless steel SS-304/SS-316.

Flex believes in providing the best quality products available in the market to meet the global need to meet International Quality Standards, such as PLC, Servo Drives etc.The machine can be provided with various optional attachments (at an extra cost) like Nitrogen Flushing and batch-cutting device. Since continuous development is a process at UFLEX and tailor made solutions are provided to the customers, some of the features shown are subjected to change without prior notice.Output and accuracy depends on characteristics and quantity of the product to be packed, consistency in bulk density, consistent level in the hopper, maintaining of RH in packing room if the product is hygroscopic in nature.


  • Product to be packed: Milk Powder
  • Quantity: 125gm, 400gm, 900gm, 2500gm
  • Machine: Continuous Collar type Servo Driven
Form Fill & Seal machine
  • Control: PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
  • Temperature Controller: PID type
  • Pulling Mechanism: Servo Driven Pulling by Die-Roller
  • Unwinding System: Motorized
  • Sealing System: Servo Driven Heat Sealers
  • Roll Width
    •  650 mm (Max.)
    • 180 mm (Min.)
  • Pouch Size
    • 80mm (Width) x 85mm (Repeat)     [Min.]
    • 300mm (Width) x 350 mm (Repeat)  [Max.]
  • Pouch Type: Centre Seal Pouch
  • Filling System: Volumetric Cup Filler.         
  • All Product Contact parts: SS-316 / SS-304
  • Power Consumption: 14 KW.
  • Power Supply: 440V A.C / Three Phase / 50 Hz.
  • Compressed Air: 6 - 8 CFM @ 4-6 pressure bar
  • Speed: up to 160 Pouches / min
Output & Accuracy depends on following
  • Filling System
  • Characteristics of product to be packed
  • Quantity of product to be packed
  • Consistency in Bulk density of the product
  • Consistent level of product in machine hopper
  • Maintaining RH in packing room if the product is hygroscope in nature.